Kingsway Christian Team Schedule

Home Games Played at: 11138 Old Lincoln Way E     Orrville, Ohio 44667

2023-24 BASKETBALL Schedule (BOYS & GIRLS JH & Varsity)

  • November 17   HOME   vs. Anchor Christian   JHB, VB
  • November 20   HOME   vs. Central Christian   JHB
  • November 21   HOME   vs. Warsaw Warriors   JHB, VG, VB
  • November 27   AWAY   vs. Heritage Christian   JHG, JHB
  • November 28   HOME   vs. Gilead Christian   JHB, VB
  • November 30   AWAY   vs. Gilead Christian   JHG, VG
  • December 1   AWAY   vs. Central Christian   JHB, VB
  • December 2   HOME   vs. Coshocton Christian   JHB
  • December 4   AWAY   vs. Loudonville   VB
  • December 5   AWAY   vs. Marion Hawks   JHG, VG
  • December 7   HOME   vs. Gospel Haven   JHB, VB
  • December 8   HOME   vs. Sebring   JHB, VB
  • December 8   AWAY   vs. Temple Christian   VG
  • December 11   HOME   vs. Grafton Christian Community   VG, VB
  • December 14   AWAY   vs. Wooster Christian   JHG, JHB, VG, VB
  • December 16   AWAY   vs. East Palestine   VG, VB
  • December 18   HOME   vs. Heritage Christian   JHG, JHB
  • December 19   AWAY   vs. Tuskey Central Catholic   VG, VB
  • December 22   AWAY   vs. Sebring   JHB, VB
  • January 4   AWAY   vs. Gospel Haven   JHB, VB
  • January 6   AWAY   vs. Ridgewood   VB
  • January 8   HOME   vs. Senedot Stripes   JHG, VG
  • January 9   HOME   vs. Senedot Stripes   JHB, VB
  • January 11   AWAY   vs. Gilead Christian   JHB, VB
  • January 16   AWAY   vs. Warsaw Warriors   JHB, VG, VB
  • January 18   AWAY   vs. Grafton Christian Community   VG, VB
  • January 19   HOME   vs. Lawrence   VG, VB
  • January 27   AWAY   vs. Senedot Stripes / Grand Lake Christian   JHB, VB
  • January 30   HOME   vs. Faith Christian   JHB, VB
  • February 1   HOME   vs. East Canton   JHG, VG
  • February 3   HOME   vs. Sebring   VG
  • February 6   HOME   vs. Orrville Cagers   JHB, VB
  • February 8   HOME   vs. Wooster Christian   JHG, JHB, VG, VB
  • February 10   HOME   vs. Marion Hawks   JHB, VB
  • February 12-17, 19-24, 26   ICSO STATE TOURNAMENT @Gilead Christian   TBA   JH & Varsity Levels

2023 VOLLEYBALL Schedule (JH & Varsity)

August 10   AWAY   vs. Central Christian   JH, Varsity

August 14   AWAY   vs. Faith Christian   JH, Varsity

August 19   AWAY   vs. Waynedale   JH

August 21   HOME   vs. Loudonville   JH, Varsity

August 24   AWAY   vs. Coshocton Christian   Varsity

August 29   AWAY   vs. First Baptist   JH, Varsity

August 31   HOME   vs. Mansfield St. Pete   JH, Varsity

September 7   HOME   vs. Wooster Christian   JH, Varsity

September 9   AWAY   vs. Strasburg   JH, Varsity

September 12   HOME   vs. Gilead Christian   JH, Varsity

September 14   AWAY   vs. Gospel Haven   JH, Varsity

September 18   AWAY   vs. Grafton Christ Community   JH, Varsity

September 21   AWAY   vs. Hametown Christian   JH, Varsity

September 23   HOME   vs. High Point / East Richland Christian   JH, Varsity

September 25   AWAY   vs. Canton South   JH, Varsity

September 28   HOME   vs. Our Lady of the Elms   JH, Varsity

September 29   AWAY   vs. Marion Hawks   JH, Varsity

October 2   AWAY   vs. Gilead Christian   JH, Varsity

October 5   AWAY   vs. Wooster Christian   JH, Varsity

October 7   HOME   vs. Sebring   JH, Varsity

October 9   HOME   vs. St. Thomas Aquinas   JH, Varsity

October 12   HOME   vs. Marion Hawks   JH, Varsity

October 14   HOME   vs. Coshocton Christian / Senedot Stripes   JH, Varsity

October 16   HOME   vs. Faith Christian   JH, Varsity

October 19-21, 26-28, 30   ICSO STATE TOURNAMENT @Gilead Christian   JH & Varsity Level

Updated 8/11/23